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Keewaydin Cider Mill

Keewaydin Cider Mill


About Keewaydin Cider…

Kunes Farm is located in Keewaydin, PA, within Clearfield County. The farm has been in existence and producing apples for over 75 years. In 2009, the Kunes family partnered with Otto’s to begin production of a Pennsylvania hard cider. Beginning with an old cider press and two fermentation tanks, they set forth in producing a crisp, dry cider that appealed to both beer and wine drinkers. It didn’t take long before the popularity of Keewaydin Cider grew throughout central Pennsylvania and beyond. It’s no wonder, as Pennsylvania is one of the top five apple-producing states in the country!

Before 2015, Pennsylvania’s laws differed for the production and sale of hard ciders, which depending on their ABV (Alcohol by Volume) may be considered a beer or a wine. Recently, changes in some of those laws have allowed us to move portions of the production of cider to Otto’s, providing the opportunity to speed up production, and sell cases or kegs of cider from our Brewery. With the increasing popularity and demand for hard cider, Otto’s has also been able to include cider from farms in eastern PA as well as Keewaydin, creating the refreshing Semi-Sweet and Semi-Dry versions that everyone has come to enjoy on a hot summer day, or a cool fall evening! In 2015, Otto’s created the newest version of Keewaydin Cider, an Apple Cherry Cider with a perfect blend of fresh, tart cherry and crisp apple flavors.

Crack open a bottle of Keewaydin Cider, sit back and imagine the cool Allegheny forests of Pennsylvania, with bugling elk, turkeys gobbling, and rustling leaves. This is the taste of Keewaydin Cider from Kunes Farm and Otto’s Pub and Brewery – refreshingly simple and uniquely Pennsylvanian. Drink local!

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