Group Therapy 2

Group Therapy

Group Therapy consists of Jon Bojan (bass, lead guitar and ukelele), Maggie Davis (violin and mandolin), Jim Herbert (rhythm guitar), and Joe Pelick (drums) who perform cover songs using their own unique vocal harmonies and acoustical musical interpretation. Their music also includes original material that describes experiences about the joys and pains of life and our journeys in connecting with one another.

Musically, their sound might be described as “Acousticana” which is a blending of Americana music (mixture of folk, rock and roll, rhythm and blues) without the high-volume sound of an electric band. We want to keep things pure and simple that emphasize our individual vocal talents as well as the unique sound that we produce when we sing together with one voice. While our music may or may not be therapeutic, at the very least, we hope that it stirs some good feelings when you listen to us and, if the spirit moves you, to sing along with us.