Feb 2015 Firkin

Firkin Friday!

What the Heck is a Firkin???

Check out “Today’s Features” every Friday morning to find out what the Firkin holds!

A Firkin is a British-style cask of ale that is conditioned in the cask and gravity-poured for a real ale taste experience that has no comparison.

Prior to filtering our ales, we sanitize and prepare a cask to be filled. The unfiltered ale is added to the cask, along with additional nutrients for the live yeast. Typically, hops are added to the firkin to enhance aroma and flavor perception, a process called dry hopping. After being filled, the firkin is stored at room temperature for several days. This conditions the beer, allowing the yeast to naturally carbonate it. Following this conditioning period, the firkin is stored at cooler, cellar temperatures until served.
Every Friday is Firkin Friday!

At 5PM every Friday, a tap is hand-driven into the firkin with a mallet. A small hole is opened at the top, and the beer flows!!! Try this tasty treat — real ale as it was meant to be!