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Fresh and Local!

We are fiercely committed to fresh, local food.

We strongly value a local focus in the ingredients, beverages, merchandise and services provided to us by many local businesses. Some neighbors who provide Otto’s Pub and Brewery with products include:

A.V. Cattle Farm

The A.V. cattle farm provides locally raised beef.

Angelo Pacifico & Sons Bakery

Family owned and operated since 1947 in Altoona, PA.

Baronners Farm Market

Baronner’s Farm Market in Hollidaysburg, PA is a private company categorized under Deciduous Tree Fruits. Established in 1987 and incorporated in Pennsylvania, Otto’s famous corn on the cob is purchased here.

BelleNaturals Soaps

Simple. Natural. Clean. BelleNaturals hails from Bellefonte, or Beautiful Fountain, in PA. Our quaint little town is nestled at the base of the Appalachian Mountains and still gets all of its drinking water from several large, natural springs. We are delighted to offer many products made with this water in place of bottled, distilled water as many soap makers must. Fresh spring water, in addition to our commitment to exclusively using all natural ingredients, is what sets us apart. We so enjoy crafting and hand pouring new creations and hope you’ll enjoy cleaning and nourishing your skin with the fruit of our labor.

Black Dog Bakery

Black Dog Bakery provides Otto’s with our Spent Grain Dog Biscuits, made from the spent grain from our brewing process! A portion of the proceeds is donated to Centre County PAWS.

“Black Dog Bakery began with my two black labs, Otis and Filson. I began making homemade treats for them and Otis’ sister Belle. They shared their treats with neighborhood dogs and soon I began receiving calls for orders. Black Dog Bakery was born. Providing your dog and mine with the best possible homemade treat at a reasonable price was my goal. I think I’ve met that goal and will continue to make the tastiest, most DOG APPEALING biscuits I can. I use only natural ingredients and add NO sugar or preservatives. Each biscuits is hand rolled, cut and baked in my own kitchen. The best ingredients are used, because my dogs eat them too, and like you, my dogs deserve the best I can give them. Black Dog Bakery is celebrating it’s 1st Anniversary in April, 2007. We are proud to feed countless canines and hope to feed countless more!! I hope your dog will love them and you for buying them. My business is fully licensed and registered with the PA Dept. of Agriculture.

We follow Commercial Feed License Law and have ALL of our products laboratory tested BEFORE we offer them to you!”

Buy Fresh, Buy Local

There are so many great reasons to choose local foods… and such an abundance and diversity to choose from. Our aim at Buy Fresh Buy Local is to make it easy to find what you’re looking for… and perhaps more than you expected!

Chocolates by Leopold

Leopold Schreiber began learning chocolate at age 12 under the tutelage of the corner candy store owner in his hometown. There he learned the techniques, tools and recipes needed to create quality confections. During his time with that company, Leopold was promoted to Head Candy Maker and then to General Manager of the store’s large chocolate factory. Leopold maintained his status as General Manager and Master Confectioner for 19 years. By 1997, Leopold made his personal dreams a reality by opening his own chocolate factory and store in Binghamton, NY. While there, he acquired many devoted, regular customers. His customers had the pleasure of watching as Leopold created chocolate masterpieces such as an Aztec Pyramid, Carousels and a replica of the Binghamton Mets baseball stadium. Leopold enjoyed the opportunity to fill orders for customers no matter the size or degree of difficulty. For one customer, he created 24,000 white chocolate golf balls!

In 2005, Leopold moved his factory and store from Binghamton to Montrose, PA, where he continued to pursue his passion for chocolate making. Leopold uses fourth generation German chocolate recipes to satisfy every chocolate lover’s palate. These recipes include such specialties as Buttercrunch, Cherry Cordials and Mint Delight. Leopold also creates mainstays such as Chocolate Bark, Truffles, and Caramels.

Dan the Fish Man

Capt’n Dan’s Wild Alaska Salmon (Dan Brigham) from Millheim, PA. Line caught wild Alaska salmon and smoked salmon, highest quality and most sustainable, cleaned and flash frozen at sea. Ask for line caught!

Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks

At Elk Creek Café + Aleworks we are committed to community, health, + sustainability, in all ways. Our beers are brewed in-house. As local as you wanna be. As fresh as it gets. Our 10 HL brewery tanks were recycled from the successful Brewsters Brewing Co. in Calgary. We have created a very efficient, sophisticated, and conservation-oriented brewery operation in our tight quarters. We are constantly implementing ways to REDUCE our energy consumption in the brewery. We REUSE our brewhouse water wherever possible. We RECYCLE our mashed malt grains – farmers pick it up and bring back pork + beef. Total Win-Win!

Elk Creek Fish Hatchery

Elk Creek Fish Hatchery offers Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout. They also have smoked trout available seasonally.

Fasta & Ravioli Co.

Fasta & Ravioli Company is a producer of fresh artisan handcrafted pasta, produced locally and currently selling fresh pasta at its shoppe in State College, PA.

Frank Barksdale – Composting

Frank Barksdale is in his third year of operation and, with the cooperative assistance from Ottos Brewery and restaurant, generates 4 to 5 tons of compost per year. Each week he composts the grain from Ottos brewery and the vegetable material from Ottos restaurant kitchen prep operations. These ingredients almost immediately begin their transformation process into a natural compostable soil that is rich with organic matter and free of synthetic additives such as fertilizer. Beneficial organisms within the compost begin to break down the organic materials in a process known as “hot composting”. This activity generates a great deal of heat, which in turn eliminates the seeds of undesirable weeds from the compost. When added to Otto’s garden, this compost will improve the texture an moisture retentive ability of the soil. The compost completes nature’s cycle by benefitting the fresh herbs and vegetables of the Chef’s garden at Otto’s.

Goot Essa Cheeses

Goot Essa is a true Amish producer. Goot Essa is a cooperative of Plain Pennsylvania dairy farmers who have banded together to sell milk and cheese. In the German language “Goot Essa” means “good food” or “good eating”. They work the land and make the cheese by hand creating a little known but much loved American cheddar with a big pure flavor that is very addictive. After three years of aging the cheese, it is quite sharp. Over the last 20 years this Amish cheese maker has mastered the art of making gourmet-quality cheeses. Each step in the process requires strict attention to time, temperature and pH level geared to produce peak flavor in each type of cheese. Starting with whole, pasteurized milk from Amish farms, they add vegetable-enzyme rennet and cultures to form the curds. Then they expel the whey and water from the curds by stirring, adding salt and washing the curds. Finally they place the curds in hoops, which are pressed to achieve the desired consistency and placed in a cool room for aging. The sharp cheddar is aged for three years, making it one of the finest flavored sharp cheddars available.

125 W Main St
Millheim, PA 16854-0000

Green Heron Farm

“Green Heron Farm is located in South Central Pennsylvania, between the Tuscarora and Allegheny mountain ranges. Since 1984 we have been growing and selling organic produce, both locally in Huntingdon County and in the Washington DC area. We grow approximately 5 acres of vegetables, flowers, herbs and berries on our tiny 11 acre farm. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, and specialize in greens, herbs, garlic, berries and flowers.”

Greenmoore Gardens

Greenmoore Gardens is a locally owned and operated Organic Community Supported Agriculture Farm which is located on Buffalo Run Road (Rt. 550) just outside of State College, Pennsylvania. We grow our vegetables using sustainable methods, and are USDA-certified Organic, which means we do not use any form of modern synthetic inputs in our farming methods. We do not use any type of synthetic fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, nor do we grow any foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or are processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives.

Greenmoore Gardens aims to provide fresh, nutritious, high-quality organically grown produce to our local community. We believe in working with other farmers, community members, and educators to create a more sustainable food system and future for our community, and are proud to be part of the greater movement to strengthen local food security in the face of a faltering global food system.

Hares Valley Growers

Hares Valley Growers lies in one of the many narrow valleys that characterize central PA, and from which the farm takes its name. Tim and Linda have a diverse operation which includes egg production, specialty greenhouse crops, as well as standard field crops like basil, broccoli, tomatoes, kale, spinach, onions, rhubarb, rutabagas, and turnips.

Harner Farm

Harner Farm started as a simple apple farm, but today Harner Farm has over 100 acres of apples, peaches, sweet corn, Christmas trees, and pumpkins. Watch the video and find out from Chris Harner, third generation farmer, why it is so important to buy local.

Help from Above Farm

The Stanleys have been growing vegetables for nearly 30 years. In 1985 they set their roots down along the Aughwick Creek in Three Springs, PA and eventually became one of TOG’s largest producers. Help From Above starts off the season with a wide variety of bedding and vegetable plants. As the summer progresses they supply staple greens like kale, collards, chard, Italian dandelion, and lettuce.

Hogs Galore

The mission of Hogs Galore is to provide a superb culinary experience. Their meats are raised and processed locally with great care and integrity, ensuring the finest in quality, flavor and texture for the customers pure enjoyment.

Hughes Pottery

Hughes Pottery creates the beautiful tankards for sale in our Gift Shop at Otto’s. They are a husband and wife team of artists that create functional stoneware pottery for your kitchen and your table. Each piece is handmade one at a time on their wheels – no molds or forms are ever used. Everything you see was produced in their small home studio in Central Pennsylvania from food safe, microwave safe, non-toxic materials. “We don’t make the kind of art that you put behind glass and never touch. We want our work to get covered in oatmeal, filled with your favorite wine and used to serve your grandmother’s famous sage and cornbread stuffing! What we make is simply beautiful art that becomes part of your daily life.” -Charles Hughes and Rowan Rose

Keewaydin Cider Mill

Frenchville, PA

Available in Semi-Dry and Semi-Sweet Varieties, Keewaydin Cider is produced on Kunes’ Family Farm in Keewaydin, Pennsylvania (Keewaydin is the Chippewa name meaning north wind). We have produced apples and apple products through four generations. We use only the finest apples from our orchard to create a crisp, natural tasting draught cider. Like the north-winds Keewaydin is named for, our cider is refreshing and aromatic. We hope you enjoy this locally produced beverage direct to you from our orchard.

Landisdale Farm

Landisdale Farm is a family owned and operated certified organic farm located in Lebanon County. We focus on healthy soils, healthy plants, and we are sure the result is healthy food for you and your family. We have been growing certified organic produce since 1998.

Meyer Dairy

Providing fresh milk and ice cream to the State College community since 1970.

Mount Nittany Vineyard & Winery

Nestled high on the southern slopes of Mount Nittany above the historic village of Linden Hall, Mount Nittany Vineyard & Winery commands a breathtaking view across the valley to the distant Tussey Mountain Range. Just seven miles east of State College and Penn State University, the vineyard and winery are located in the heart of 65 acres of land which stretches to the top of Mount Nittany. The winery was opened for business in July of 1990 by proprietors, Joe and Betty Carroll, who had been amateur winemakers for 20 years during Joe’s career as a professor in the College of Business Administration at Penn State. The five acre vineyard has seven varieties, including Cayuga, Seyval Blanc, Riesling, Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, de Chaunac, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Nittany Beverage

Nittany Beverage has been in business since 1965, and has been family owned since 1986. It is located in Central PA, the heart of Penn State. “Make it your choice”

Penn State Creamery

Most visitors to the Berkey Creamery at Penn State know only of its famous ice cream, sherbet, and cheeses sold at the store or over the Internet, but what they don’t know is that it is the largest university creamery in the nation.

Each year approximately 4.5 million pounds of milk pass through the Creamery’s stainless steel holding tanks. About half comes from a 225-cow herd at the University’s Dairy Production Research Center, and the rest is purchased from an independent milk producer.


Pletcher’s Beer Distributor in State College, Pennsylvania, is a craft beer wholesale and retail distributor offering a wide selection of top-quality beers.

Ray Fye Farms

E. Ray Farms offers a wide variety of products from pumpkins (call for availability of pumpkins in season we sell by the pumpkin or by the truck load), firewood and veneer logs to great hunting opportunities. Guided and unguided turkey hunts for fall or spring gobbler. Crane and swamp mats built to specs.

Setter Run Farm

Duane and Lisa Diefenbach are the owners of a small family farm that grows vegetables and pasture raises chickens. They also have a small flock of 60 laying hens that happily provide eggs. From about April-December they raise 10 steers. When they aren’t busy with their farm or their full time jobs at Penn State, they dedicate their time to restoring their old farm house and documenting that process on their blog.

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars

Passion. Perfection. Persistence. These three traits drive us to create exciting, new and different wines that will invigorate your senses and even change the way you look at wine. We’re life-long wine lovers, and life-long natives of the beautiful Seven Mountains Region in Pennsylvania. Seven Mountains Wine Cellars puts the two together; it enables us to share the delights of wine with neighbors from our own region—and with adventurous wine lovers from all over the U.S. and beyond. We strive to create wines that will have you searching for new ways to describe what you taste! Welcome to the one-of-a-kind world of wine at Seven Mountains Wine Cellars.

Spruce Creek Bakery

Kimmy and Scott Jensen moved to Spruce Creek in 2007. While renovating their 1900′s house, Kimmy worked on creating cakes, pies and other baked goods for her friends and family. In 2010, Kimmy introduced herself to Lucas and Leah Hamer, the new owners of the Spruce Creek Tavern, and began to offer her specialty cakes and pies not only to Spruce Creek, but also the surrounding areas. As a result of Kimmy’s friendship with the Hamers, and the success of the dessert menu at the Spruce Creek Tavern, Lucas and Leah offered Kimmy the building next to the Post Office to open her own bakery.

State College Framing Company & Gallery

Sunny Ridge Farm

Located in Franklin County, Sunny Ridge Farm provides organically grown vegetables for the local markets.

Tait Farm

Greetings from our family farm, where our passions are great food and agriculture.

For more than 25 years we have been growing fresh fruits and vegetables using sustainable and organic methods. We also manufacture 50+ specialty food products right here in our barn, as well as operate a year-round retail store known as the Harvest Shop and Greenhouse.

In addition to selling Tait Farm products, we also purvey other locally produced specialty foods, fresh produce, herbs, flowers, perennials, backyard fruits, natives, unique pots & statuary, planted containers and much more. We also carry seasonally inspired wares for the kitchen, garden & home along with the works of more than 50 regional artisans.

The Cheese Shoppe

Bill Clarke has been roasting, brewing and selling his own special coffees for over 10 years. In addition to coffee, he also offer a wide selection of artisan cheeses, fine chocolates, oils & vinegars as well as locally baked breads.

The Gamble Mill

Head Brewer, Mike Smith, is a native of State College. Shortly after earning a bachelor’s degree from Penn State, Mike began brewing at home, developing a passion for hand crafted beers. It soon became evident to Mike that brewing was going to play a much larger role in his life than being just a hobby. In early 2010 Mike learned about the opportunity to add a brewpub to The Gamble Mill. After looking into all of the details, he soon realized that this was the opportunity that he had been working towards. Mike is thrilled to bring his family and the skills that he has developed over the years back to the community that has given him so much. The Brewery is located on the side of the Gamble Mill where the Amber Room used to reside.

Vale Wood Farms

We are a family owned and operated dairy located in Loretto, Pennsylvania. Our family has been providing quality dairy products to Central Western PA since our founder C.A. Itle started the business in 1933. Although the business has grown, our old fashioned ideals remain the same – we are committed to producing the highest quality dairy products and maintaining a happy, healthy herd of cows! Vale Wood Farms is proud to be Certified Cow Friendly with happy, healthy, rBST-hormone-free cows. Vale Wood Farms is a participant in the PA Preferred and AgMap programs and is also a certified Kosher dairy.

W. R. Hickey Beer Distributor

W.R. Hickey Beer Distributor Inc is a family owned Master distributor of beer, beverages & ice. We have a huge selection of cold case beer and kegs. We have Corona, Budweiser, Miller, Coors, Yuengling, Labatts, Guiness, Magic Hat, Blue Moon, Michelob, Lionshead, Rolling Rock, Busch, etc. We have a large selection of kegs and imported beer as well. We have weekly, monthly specials to give you great price and service in one location. We value your business, call us or stop by. We have an easy access Drive Thur service as well!

Woodrings Floral Garden

This fine florist is the one behind those AMAZING floral displays in our lobby.

Woodrings has a family tradition of serving the Central Pennsylvania region for over 80 years. They have everything to fulfill your floral needs, including a huge selection of fresh cut flowers, arrangements, green plants, as well as other floral and gift items. For flowers in town, across town, across the country or across the globe, Woodrings Floral Gardens is the place for you!

We also partner with local organizations, because we believe that community is everything. Click here to see our community partners!

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