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About Us

We love Beer, People, and Local Foods

In October 2012, Otto’s celebrated TEN years serving local food and fresh craft-brewed beer to the fantastic and faithful fans of our pub and brewery. Coincidently, on November 1, 2010 we opened our new location with more parking, more seating, and new services to offer our dedicated customers.  If you also love Otto’s, then we invite you to review us online.

Our new location is our gift to you.

You supported us when we barely had the funds to buy grain and hops.

You supported us when our parking lot became too small.

And you supported us by telling your friends and colleagues about us.

We thank you for everything you have done to make Otto’s a destination for consistently great food, great beer, and great people.

Showcasing the brewing community

When we first looked at our new location, we realized that we had a lot of space to fill, and one way to do that was to expand our commitment to sharing with you some of the history of brewing in Pennsylvania.

Hanging on the walls, from the ceiling, and in display cases are examples of the creativity that 19th and 20th Century entrepreneurs used to inform the public about their products. Creating beer trays, posters, ashtrays, mugs, bottle labels, etc. was a lesson in history as well as marketing.

We hope you will walk around the restaurant and brewery and check out the variety of methods and messages that were used to get people to drink beer.

We would like to thank all of our “Friends of Otto’s” who have allowed us to photograph, borrow, or buy the items displayed. In particular, we thank Rich Wagner, Larry Shanaman, Daryl Ziegler, Larry Handy, Alex Bierly, and Sam Komlenic. Without their breweriana knowledge, expertise, and commitment to preserving brewing history in Pennsylvania, what you see at Otto’s simply would not exist.

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